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January 21, 2019
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Founded on February 1st, 2002, First Rate Casinos is a web site dedicated to objectively providse analysis of online casinos as well as everything else that relates to gambling. More a hobby than actual work, First Rate Casinos was created to provide guidance to players and online gamblers. We provide them with news, tips, and reports on the best and most secure online gambling sites on the Internet.

Our ultimate goal was to open out very own online casinos. However, the laws in Quebec do not allow the operation of any forms of casinos (online or otherwise). This is why we decided to open up First Rate Casinos which, in our opinion, is the next best thing. It looks like we are not the only ones to think that way since First Rate Casinos as proven to be quite successful so far...

We have had 1869737 visitors since February 2002, and First Rate Casinos and it's statistics are in constant evolution.

Because gambling was always a passion for us, this site wasn't very complicated to build. We knew exactly what most online gamblers are looking for and we build the site accordingly. The only problem is that our team is composed of only two person. This is why First Rate Casinos was developped slowly but surely.

Come visit us often... We try very hard to update the content on a regular basis. By coming back often, you will be sure you won't miss anything. We are also always working on new features and we will be introducing them as we go. We have plenty of fresh ideas. Now it's just a matter of developping them...

By the way, gaming should remain just that. A game. If you have a gambling problem, here is a page that could be helpful : Addicted Gambler's Page.

Good luck playing.

Your's Truly, The First Rate Casinos Team.

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